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TLE IV: Introduction

When it comes to Computer Education, some schools would start to offer it in the First Year Level. Other schools would offer it in the Fourth Year Level. Some schools also offer career pathways in TLE but do not offer computer education. Some schools would only offer selected areas in Third and Fourth Year such as Food Service and Computer Education. Tech-Voc secondary schools would usually offer all areas of TLE.
ICT (Computer Education II)
This learning material is intended for the fourth-year high school students in the Philippines enrolled in Technology and Livelihood Education IV (TLE IV). Moreover, they can also access the e-learning material anytime or anywhere through the Internet. In compliance with UNESCO’s and DepED’s Education for All, inclusion of students with special needs were also considered. Futhermore, education students who are sourcing for more reference materials in TLE IV and special education may also benefit from this e-learning material for their classroom, online, or blended learning needs. Lastly, the integration of online collaboration tools would enable students with varied school/work/home schedules and geographic locations to engage in group activities or cooperative learning successfully.
(raa edde201/221/202/210 prc#1042051 reviewing for praxis ii series)